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Promptly report lost or stolen cards.

Call 1-361-293-5225 during business hours or 1-844-202-5333 after hours to report lost or stolen cards.


Here are a few habits you can work on to keep your cards and financial information safe.

  • Keep a record of card numbers, expiration dates, and phone numbers in a safe place, separate from where you keep your cards. Use this information when you report your cards lost or stolen.
  • Never put your account number or PIN on the outside of an envelope or postcard.
  • Keep the toll-free emergency number saved in your phone.
  • Don’t give your debit or credit card number over the phone unless you’ve made the call.
  • Always check receipts against your monthly statements. Report any errors within 60 days of the statement mailing date.
  • Choose a personal identification number (PIN) that’s different from other obvious numbers like your phone, Social Security number, or birthday.
  • Memorize your PIN and don’t write it on anything in your wallet.