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Take a look back at
our history—way back.

  • 1890

    The town of Conroy was moved and renamed “Yoakum,” taking advantage of economic opportunities brought by the railroad. Immediately, the new town needed a secure banking resource, and First National Bank of Yoakum received its charter.

    Yoakum national bank of texas crest
  • 1907

    First National Bank of Yoakum was reorganized as Yoakum National Bank, possibly to avoid a hostile takeover.

    Yoakum national bank us currency ten dollar bill
  • 1933

    Fortunately, during the Great Depression, Yoakum National Bank was able to avoid any “runs” on deposits. That is, depositors did not rush to withdraw their deposits in expectation that the bank would fail.

    When the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was created, deposits became secured against the sound assets of banks.

    Great depression yoakum national bank historic team
  • 1970s

    Computer processing revolutionized manual banking systems in place for nearly 75 years, including blank counter checks available from local merchants, with customer information later completed by bank personnel upon receipt.

    Yoakum national bank personal check
  • 2008

    Nationwide mortgage defaults led to a financial crisis, yet with minimal impact at YNB due to the bank staying its conservative course. Afterward, new regulations required much more than a handshake and a one-page form to secure a loan.

    Financial crisis crash of 2008
  • 2010

    Computer imaging, electronic processing, and online access further streamlined bank systems, greatly enhancing convenience even for customers outside the Yoakum area.

    Yoakum national bank mobile banking app and cappuccino
  • 2021

    Helping Small Business Navigate Big Things. This is the new mission statement we introduced that drove our expansion as we opened locations in West Houston and Odessa. We remain committed to the same core values and customers that drove us through the past 130+ years, with a specialized focus on ensuring small businesses thrive.

    Yoakum national bank brand guidelines