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How to Find Small Business Grants

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If you own a small business and are searching for funding, we have some options for you to consider. Maybe you haven’t qualified for a business loan yet, or perhaps you have but are still seeking additional funding. Did you know that federal and state agencies and some private companies offer small-business grants? Unlike loans, you don’t have to pay back grants.

Small business grants are like free money provided to a business by a government or private organization for special reasons like aiding during their startup, growth, or research and development phases.

Keep in mind that grants come with some restrictions and guidelines. For example, the money received from a grant must be spent as outlined by the grant provider. If you use the money as described in the grant, you should not face any unwanted penalties.

Below is a list of resources to support you during your research.


If you’re a small company looking to grow your business, federal grants can be an excellent option for you. When you begin your search, visit It’s a complete directory of government grants and offers an online learning center. is another resource for government and federal grants. You can browse their funding categories, funding agencies, and apply for a grant on their website.

State and local

The U.S. Small Business Administration offers local assistance, funding programs, and a learning center for entrepreneurs. In addition, the SBA provides a network of free or low-cost counseling and training to business owners. Visit for details.


If your business resides in a rural area or is part of the agricultural industry, visit the Texas Department of Agriculture’s website to learn more about their grants and business resources.

Final thoughts

Doing a little research on grants and small business funding can give your company the capital it needs to get started, expand, and develop. If you have any questions about our small business resources, contact us today.

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